About us

RM Designs, LLC is a gift packaging company which provides our client gift bags and gift boxes designed specifically for men.  Our products are the alternative to the shiny, striped, plain, and polka dot gift packaging on the market.  

At RM Designs we say, what about the men who women frequently purchase gifts for?  We create lasting gift giving experiences saving our clients time and money.  The idea to create gift packaging for men was birthed through a desire to send my husband, who was away for military training, a gift for Father's Day that conveyed the love and appreciation that both my children and I felt.  I didn't want my husband to open a plain box, that would have diminished the experience and appreciation that we wanted to convey.  Our gifts needed a "Final Touch."

I couldn't find anything on the market that expressed the sentiment that we felt.  I knew I wasn't the only one.  Statistics show that most gift givers want to create an experience.  Our clients express the joy and excitement of seeing our gift bags and gift boxes under the Christmas tree.  We purpose to bring that joy and lasting experience to all of our clients special occasions whether it's a retirement, military ball, birthday, Valentine's Day, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, corporate event, or anniversary.